Resistance Band Superset: quality and value almost too good to be true


When I first started experimenting with resistance bands, I ordered one of those basic kits that included 1 of each band. This was for my first garage gym back in 2016 and I didn't have any other machines, so I wanted to use bands to replace a cable pulley tower. The heaviest band was 30 lbs, and since it only included 1 of each band, certain bodybuilding exercises such as chest cross-over's weren't feasible.

It didn't take long for the cheap foam handles to get bent like a coat hanger, plus wear & tear on the bands was inevitable. That's when it occurred to me that these bands weren't designed for bodybuilding! I'm saying this to say it has been on my radar for many years to put together a superior resistance band set. It took me going through 4 different vendors and 17 different batches before I found the right ones.

Resistance Band Superset exceeded my expectations and here's why:

1. Covered with snap-proof casing in a 4-1 ratio. No foot-plate needed

2. Heaviest band peaks at 75 lbs of resistance! And you get 2 of each!

3. Between the 2 light (15-30lbs) bands, 2 medium (40-55lbs), and 2 strong (60-75lbs), you can combine/ stack the bands endless ways for different resistance possibilities. 

4.The handles are durable with comfortable knurled rubber grips. No more cheap, bendable foam grips.

5. 2 durable door anchors are included with multiple connection options. In a room with more than one locking door, you can set your bands as close or far apart as desired. This really allows you to mimic those classic cable machine favorites. 

6. Each band is 52 inches long, making the resistance more even from start to finish.

Resistance Band Superset is just $59 and gives you everything you need for a full body workout. This is truly a 1-and-done resistance band kit and a must-have for all home gym users. 

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