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I am a personal trainer from Atlanta, Ga who designed The Squat Harness with the goal of making a portable, affordable, and versatile way to train lower body with a cable functional trainer machine. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I created something much greater than any belt squat machine! Don’t believe me? Use The Squat Harness V3 one time. Try everything from classic squats to split squats, deadlifts, step ups, and calve raises and tell me what product you find to be most useful! This is quite a claim i am making, and I need help backing it up. This is my first time creating and selling products. I am a 1-man show, doing this all with very little help. I didn’t have the best marketing plan from the start, and I had influencers who did not make good on their agreement. One thing about me: my number 1 priority is making sure that anyone who represents my brand is well taken care of. Commission starts at 20% and payouts are same-day. I want to build a dream team!

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