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Ripped Wraps are made to connect a resistance band to your dumbbells in a comfortable and functional way.  Many athletes are already reaping the rewards of combining resistance bands with free weights; now there is an official way to do it with dumbbells!  Each set comes with 2 Wraps, 2 Resistance Bands, 1 Sleeve, and 1 Tote Bag.

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Ripped wraps are designed to connect resistance bands to dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells so that you can feel more muscle activation at the top of each movement.

This is especially useful with movements like dumbbell chest fly’s in which normally the tension decreases at the top.  By combining a resistance band to the dumbbells, the band starts adding tension exactly where the dumbbells lose tension.

Ripped wraps are great for those who have limited equipment or space and need to get the most bang for their buck.  It is also an excellent transition tool for progressive overload programs (think 5 x 5’s with dumbbells!)  For example:  If you can chest press 60 lbs dumbbells but can’t quite hit 65’s, try adding a resistance band to the 60’s and by the next workout or 2, you’ll crush those 65’s!
Try the following exercises:
•Chest Fly’s/ Presses
•Lateral Raises/ Front Raises
•Upright Rows/ Bent Rows
•Bicep Curls, and so much more!
Here’s how to use:
Put the protective sleeve around the resistance band and connect the carabiners to the Ripped Wraps.  If using a weight bench, place the resistance band with protective sleeve under the bench in a place that aligns with the exercise you are doing.  Just take your dumbbells and  close the Ripped Wraps around the handles. When doing a standing exercise, carefully place the resistance band evenly under your feet.  Use on a smooth surface and wear shoes with non-abrasive soles.

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