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Tib-Flex is a first-of-its-kind foot strap uniquely designed with the connection point located at the toes.  Tib-Flex fit securely around your feet to accommodate tibialis anterior flexion exercises along with hip, glute, and hamstring exercises, making it the ultimate solution for functional lower body strength and mobility,

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Tib-Flex is the first accessory designed to facilitate tibialis flexion and other movements with a resistance band or cable pulley. By doing regular tibialis flexion and tibialis circles (clockwise and counterclockwise), you are effectively increasing your ankle mobility which has been proven to help improve athletic performance. Got shin splints? Tib-Flex will quickly become the gold standard in corrective exercise!

Try the following exercises:
1) Tibialis flexion
2) Tibialis circles (clockwise and counter clockwise)
3) Tibialis extension (calf presses with resistance band)
4) Lying hip flexor marches
5) Glute kick-backs
6) Hamstring curls
and many more! Tib-flex comes with a light resistance band that can be “doubled” if extra tension is needed. Simply connect one end to the Tib-Flex ring, wrap through secure hook or around a poll, and then connect the other end back into the Tib-Flex ring.

Here’s a simple guide for how to put them on:

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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 4 in


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