• Amazing Results

    Using the squat harness means that your training sessions will be more focused and productive. The weight distribution is centered and feels completely natural.

  • Easy to use

    The squat harness is easy to use with our free video guides and tutorials so that you can start reaching your fitness goals in a matter of minutes per day.

  • High Quality

    The squat harness is built to last with military grade materials that have been tested on the heaviest weight stacks.

Squat Harness Lite

The squat harness is a must have!

The squat harness was created by a personal trainer in Atlanta, Ga known as Coach Rosenblatt. He wanted to create something that would allow his clients to do squats while working around injuries or mobility issues. The Squat Harness is designed to connect to a dual pulley cable machine or can be used on-the-go with a resistance band. Some of the newer versions can even connect to an open trap bar or suspension straps to perform pendulum squats and other challenging exercise variations.


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