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Squat Harness Premium Adjustable V3

This is the thickest, heaviest Squat Harness of the bunch!  Loaded with adjustable features and convenient connector hooks, The Squat Harness Premium Adjustable V3 feels like the resistance is a part of you rather than on you.  Perfect for cable machines and heavy loop bands!

Ripped Ramp

Ripped Ramp & Squat Harness go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Designed with a groove underneath that allows one or more resistance bands to be stacked and connected to your squat harness.  Each Ripped Ramp includes a neoprene protective sleeve for your resistance band.

Squat Harness Lite Adjustable

Made in the USA.  Light and simple.  Adjustable length.   Connector straps and a 45 lbs resistance band included.  Squat Harness Adjustable Lite is a surprisingly comfortable and functional product that is better for individuals who will mostly use it for resistance bands.

*Do not exceed 350 lbs of cable resistance

Ripped Wraps

Ripped Wraps are made to connect a resistance band to your dumbbells in a comfortable and functional way.  Many athletes are already reaping the rewards of combining resistance bands with free weights; now there is an official way to do it with dumbbells!  Each set comes with 2 Wraps, 2 Resistance Bands, 1 Sleeve, and 1 Tote Bag.

The Original Squat Harness

This is where it all started!  From idea, to sketch, to prototype, to best selling product!  Classic “8” harness with grip handles and connector straps for cable machines,

Also works great on-the-go with resistance bands +  includes a 45 lbs band.


Tib-Flex is a first-of-its-kind foot strap uniquely designed with the connection point located at the toes.  Tib-Flex fit securely around your feet to accommodate tibialis anterior flexion exercises along with hip, glute, and hamstring exercises, making it the ultimate solution for functional lower body strength and mobility,

Tote Bag

A gift with any purchase of $149 or more!  Perfect fit for extra items. Stylish and convenient. (Gym owners prefer that members carry these rather than larger backpacks.)


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