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Ripped Straps

Ripped Straps

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At first glance, these are just like any other suspension strap.  Look a little closer and there’s a world of different possibilities just by switching the handles with whatever attachment you like!  If you want to do bodyweight tricep extensions, just attach your favorite tricep rope and do tricep extensions! If you wanna do bicep curls, attach your favorite curl bar attachment and start curling away!

Ripped straps go even further by allowing you to attach your favorite barbell to do upright chest presses.

And what kind of Ripped By Rosenblatt product would this be if it weren’t compatible with The Squat Harness?! Just connect each side and now you have endless ways to torture your legs and core!

Some of the other cool features include door anchors attached to the top ends, and the fact that they are individual means you can set them as wide or narrow as you like.

Now why would you pay more than double for straps with less than half of all of these functions?!  Please tell me; I’m waiting.

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