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HIS Story

Coach Jason Rosenblatt  

Jason is a very unique and gifted soul.  He has Asperger’s and ADHD, so he faced many challenges growing up that others did not quite understand.  Before being formally diagnosed at 27, he had been through teen addiction, gone to treatment, completed an internship and worked as a counselor for several years in Arizona and California.  

He was very passionate about helping people, but got overwhelmed when working around larger crowds.  Between this and his passion for fitness, he decided to become a personal trainer in 2008.  He got certified through ISSA and then also became a certified nutritionist in 2009.    

It has been such a blessing for Jason to be able to do what he loves and work with people who appreciate him for who he is and what he is capable of.   He truly understands the importance of providing a comfortable, non-intimidating environment.    

It has been said that Jason could train you in the middle of the desert and would find hours worth of new exercises out of nothing.

Jason enjoys working on prototypes for new products during his free time.  His brain literally never shuts off!  He’s either training one of his clients, working out, or putting something new together, yet somehow still makes time for his beautiful and amazing wife, Mrs. Shay Rosenblatt!

Jason had a crush on Shay since high school but was too shy to ask her on a date.  He was also friends with her brother so the 2 would cross paths over the years.  In 2018, Jason and Shay discovered that they were both sober and back in Atlanta, GA so they were really excited to reconnect.

 Jason and Shay started spending a lot of time together building a genuine friendship before they started dating.  Having both experienced heartbreak in previous relationships,  they were very cautious about not moving too fast.   As much as they tried to take things slow, their love for each other was too unstoppable and continues to grow each day.   They  got married in 2022 and are living their dream lives together: training clients from their basement gym and selling fitness products online.  

Life can be such a blessing if you work hard, chase your dreams, never give up,  treat others with love and respect, and stay away from people who do nothing to enrich your life!

OUR Mission

Through our brand, we aim to build innovative products and create cutting edge fitness programs.  We are creating a new paradigm in the fitness industry!


Shay Busby- Rosenblatt is Jason’s wife, life partner, and biggest supporter. Shay has an athletic background including gymnastics, ballet, softball, tennis, and basketball.

Though she was an avid runner, her motivation to start training in a gym and ultimately become a personal trainer came after meeting Jason. They became inseparable and inspirational for each other to keep pursuing new avenues with fitness.

The stars have truly lined up for this power couple. The love, respect, and energy they bring to their relationship is a testimony to the passion they hold for helping others achieve fitness goals!


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