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Resistance Band Superset

Resistance Band Superset

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Ever notice what typically comes in a resistance tube kit? Only 1 of each band and a couple of flimsy handles. Meh...
Times are changing. Athletes have come to realize the potential and versatility that resistance bands have to offer. Why not make them better? For starters, we made 3 matching pairs.
Then we can make them break-proof by encasing them in a nylon protective sleeve.
The handles got a makeover with a knurled grip and extra durable materials. We also included 2 door anchors instead of just 1 and they include an optional D ring. Usually these door anchors only give you the option to loop the band through them but these also allow you to clip the carabiner ends to them. Lets say you want to do chest fly’s: just clip your bands to 2 different door frame’s in the same room so that you can start with the resistance pulling from a wide angle. 

If you wanted to do something like tricep extensions from a close range: set both anchors to the same door frame, loop the resistance bands through, then connect the handles to both ends band.

The grey handles range from 15-30 lbs of tension, the red handles range from 40-55 lbs of tension and the black handles range from 60- 75 lbs of tension.  Stack them together in any combination to achieve desired resistance.

One of the best applications for resistance bands is muscle activation.  Think about an exercise where you struggle to feel the muscle engaging.  If you do that same exercise with resistance bands, there will be no questions as to where you should be feeling it. Let your imagination run wild with your new Resistance Band Super Set!

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