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Ripped Ramp

Ripped Ramp

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Introducing Ripped Ramp – the perfect tool to improve squat mobility and range of motion. This up-to-date squat wedge features 10 lbs of stainless steel, a 30-degree angle, and a custom groove underneath to fit 1 or several resistance bands that can connect with your Squat Harness!

When heels are elevated, the quadriceps become supercharged! When toes are elevated, the hamstrings and calves become supercharged! The perfect tool for doing squats, deadlifts/good mornings, and calf raises!

Caution: Use lots of care when using Ripped Ramp! Do not step on the top ledge as it can cause the ramp to tip over. Use extra care if using a loaded barbell. When using Ripped Ramp with resistance bands and Squat Harness, only connect and disconnect the resistance bands while your feet are on the wedge.

*tread tape not included

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