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Tib-Flex 2.0

Tib-Flex 2.0

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Tib-Flex is back with a more convenient and more versatile foot strap!  Tib-Flex 2.0 is like a Squat Harness for your feet; every dimension is customizable to your feet.  We added side connector rings for hip abduction and adduction exercises.   Once you strap these on your feet, you can basically finish an entire lower body workout with them!

Start with tibialis flexion and hip flexor marches while laying on your back.  Then stand up and try single leg curls and straight leg kick-backs.  After that, you can connect resistance to the inside ring and do side leg raises. Tib-Flex 2.0 are like an exoskeleton for your shoes.  Try to wear flat bottomed training shoes and adjust Tib-Flex 2.0 as snug as possible.

Tib-Flex 2.0 comes in 2 sizes:

Small-Medium (US shoe sizes 5-9) and Large-Extra Large (US shoe sizes 10-14)

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